Executive MBA Class Assignment: Evaluate Super Bowl Ads

My marketing class in the Executive MBA program at UNR held discussed the effectiveness of the recent Super bowl commercials.  They were tasked with describing how advertisers segment their market and discuss the effectiveness of the strategy.  Their conclusions were very interesting.

Mass marketing as a strategy is a difficult one.  Consumers today expect more one to one marketing; a one size fits all approach is problematic in many cases.  Some products, like beer, aren’t really differentiated, except for a brand.  Mass marketing works well with products like this, where they are largely undifferentiated and fill a basic need.  Other products, such as computers and even cars are increasingly customized based on customer preferences.

The class focused on one particular ad:  the Clint Eastwood Halftime in America Chrysler commercial.   (see it on YouTube at http://youtu.be/_PE5V4Uzobc) Despite not really knowing who was sponsoring the commercial until the end, the students in the class wisely identified several key segments the commercial was targeted.   Using Clint Eastwood helped reach multiple generations in the audience but really positioned the Chrysler brand particularly well to an older generation.   Despite the international audience of the game, the commercial was targeted to an American audience evoking a sense of loyalty and patriotism to products made in the United States.  Many students noted the political overtones in the commercial but didn’t feel it took away from the experience.

The students in the UNR EMBA program are very bright and experienced.  They handle discussion topics like this easily and they teach me something new each week.

James McClenahan, MBA

James McClenahan, MBAJim McClenahan is the Director of Management and Executive Programs for Extended Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno, responsible for more than 150 professional development courses annually as well as several major conferences.

He serves as the Treasurer to the Northern Nevada Chamber of Commerce, chair of the Schools to Careers committee for Washoe County and on the advisory board for St. Albert the Great Catholic Church. He completed his MBA at the University of Nevada, Reno in 2006.

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