Focusing On Performance Enhances Employee Motivation

Does improving employee motivation require improving job satisfaction? Not necessarily. We all know people that love their jobs because they have a great salary and supportive co-workers, but at work do only enough to get by. By the same token, many of us have had jobs that for one reason or another were less than stellar (e.g. budget cuts, poor leadership), but we still gave a good-faith effort to perform on a daily basis.

In his book “Becoming The Evidence-Based Manager,” Gary Latham states “if you want motivated employees, you should focus on ways your employees can be high performers, rather than focusing on ways to increase their job satisfaction per se” (p. 85). Productive employees are often very satisfied employees; consequently, Latham believes that the ability to be productive is the real heart of motivation.

Partner with your employees to continually improve the systems (e.g. staffing, training, policies) that keep them from being as productive as they know they can be. Help them make daily progress doing work they find meaningful and watch as their motivation, performance, and satisfaction flourishes.

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