Organizational Behavior Course In Our New Executive MBA Program

My name is Dr. Bret Simmons, and I want to welcome you to our new Online Executive MBA program. I teach two courses in the program: Organizational Behavior and Personal Branding. The course in Organizational Behavior will be the first of two courses you take when you start our program, and the course in Personal Branding will be one of the last two courses you take to complete your degree.

In this brief video, I talk about why I love studying and teaching Organizational Behavior (OB). OB is really about understanding why people do the things they do at work. When you understand why the people you’ve been given the privilege to lead behave in certain ways, then you have a real opportunity to help change their behavior at work. I’ve found that people do fascinating things at work, so it’s always a fun challenge for me to try to understand behavior. Sometimes I can change what folks are doing, and sometimes I can’t, but I can always change the thing I have the most control over –  my own behavior.

For more information on our exciting new EMBA program taught by some of our best faculty, please click this link!

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