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Chase The Learning

We strive to make our Online Executive MBA (EMBA) program relevant, rigorous, and evidence-based. We know the market for the EMBA degree is crowded, but we think ours is one of the best values out there from an AACSB accredited College of Business.

One of the books that is assigned reading in my Organizational Behavior class in our first cohort of students is “Becoming the Evidence-Based Manager: Making the Science of Management Work for You,” by Gary Latham. In the chapter on how to develop and train to create a high-performing team, Latham talks about the value of encouraging errors. Latham counsels that if you want the folks on your team to become creative, high performers, you as a leader have to encourage and celebrate errors.

I love Latham’s distinction of the difference between people with a learning goal orientation and those with a performance goal orientation:

People with a performance goal orientation paradoxically lack a high-performing mindset, because they focus too much on their performance. Their goal is to look good in the eyes of others. As a result, they actively avoid situations in which they run the risk of seeming incompetent. Instead, they seek assignments in which they can perform effectively. On the other hand, people with a learning goal orientation seek to master new skills and knowledge. Consequently, they enjoy challenging, difficult projects. They even seek constructive criticism. This in itself is an effective strategy because pursuing high goals makes errors all but inevitable. (p, 71)

As you pursue your EMBA, try to keep a learning rather than a performance goal orientation. Understand how to achieve in each class (e.g. pass exams, write specific types of papers, complete assignments), but then stop chasing the points and chase the learning instead. Your professors track points because they have to, but only you can really evaluate your learning.

Step outside the assigned work in each class and develop for yourself ways to apply the new information, knowledge, and understanding to change your behavior and become a better leader and organizational citizen.  That’s your responsibility to yourself, and only you can hold yourself accountable for continually improving and learning.

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Organizational Behavior Course In Our New Executive MBA Program

My name is Dr. Bret Simmons, and I want to welcome you to our new Online Executive MBA program. I teach two courses in the program: Organizational Behavior and Personal Branding. The course in Organizational Behavior will be the first of two courses you take when you start our program, and the course in Personal Branding will be one of the last two courses you take to complete your degree.

In this brief video, I talk about why I love studying and teaching Organizational Behavior (OB). OB is really about understanding why people do the things they do at work. When you understand why the people you’ve been given the privilege to lead behave in certain ways, then you have a real opportunity to help change their behavior at work. I’ve found that people do fascinating things at work, so it’s always a fun challenge for me to try to understand behavior. Sometimes I can change what folks are doing, and sometimes I can’t, but I can always change the thing I have the most control over –  my own behavior.

For more information on our exciting new EMBA program taught by some of our best faculty, please click this link!

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MBA Program Makes Princeton Review’s “Best” List Again

For the fourth year in a row, the MBA program at The University of Nevada Reno has been recognized by The Princeton Review as one of the 294 best in the world. This is the fourth year in a row that the MBA program has been recognized by this publication, and the first year that the publication has also recognized the UNR College of Business as among the best it reviewed.

The faculty that teach in the Online Executive MBA program at UNR are the same ones that teach in the on-campus program that the Princeton Review continues to recognize for excellence. That means when you enroll in our new Online EMBA program, you can expect the same rigor, relevance, and evidence-based learning that we consistently deliver to our on-campus students. If you can’t join us in person, then join us online!

Make sure to apply early for our next cohort starting in August 2012! For more information about the Online EMBA program, click this link.

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Welcome to the online EMBA program

Raffiee KambizOur new online Executive MBA program is designed with you in mind — your time, your investment and your educational goals. With an integrated blend of theory and practice, the EMBA is perfect for mid-career executives and experienced professionals who want to advance in today’s challenging work world.

Our online format allows you to continue working while earning an Executive MBA in two years. Building on the strength of our nationally recognized part-time MBA program, the Executive MBA is taught by the same award-winning faculty who will share their real-world knowledge and expertise. Coursework will familiarize students with cutting-edge issues in business disciplines, critical for advanced managerial decision-making.

We realize you have many choices for your executive education and welcome your application. Please contact us directly if you have questions about our program.


Kambiz Raffiee, Ph.D.
Associate Dean,
College of Business
Foundation Professor of Economics and Director, MBA/EMBA Programs